My turn: Wait, I can explain

There are a couple of disadvantages to being on a diet and watching what you eat. Other people watch for you.

I always watch carefully what I eat, and have pretty much given up all fast food … almost. I did find something that I like, and it is really pretty good for you. It is a yogurt treat sold at one of the local fast food places. It is a healthy snack, does not give me a lot of calories, and it tastes good.

Lately I have been stopping by to get one a couple of times a week. Last week, as I was going to get one, I saw a couple of people that I know in the parking lot. They waved at me and yelled out, “What are you doing here?”

OK, how do you explain that?

I wanted to hold up my yogurt and say, “I am just getting this, it is good for you.” I couldn’t do that, because I didn’t have my yogurt — it was still in the restaurant, waiting to be purchased.

I’m defenseless, and they walk off snickering, thinking they caught me with my hand in the cookie jar.

Well, what were they doing there? I didn’t see a yogurt treat in their hand, either.