My turn: Soundtrack sets pace

Life would be better with a soundtrack.

You know what I mean, the kind that has fast peppy stuff when you are in action, and slow mellow tunes when you relax.

Most people who run, take music with them. You have to remember to take the right type.

You need the kind of music that played when Roy Rogers and Trigger were chasing someone. Something that gets your blood pumping and that adrenaline up.

What I found is that you need to make sure that all the music you take is about the same tempo. I didn’t do that when I went for a run.

I was running along to some good fast paced chase music, then I went to some slow relaxing tunes. I probably looked like I was running in slow motion. That was ok, the next song was another get up and go chase song.

So here I go again back at a good speed, then here comes the slow suspense music with lots of bass and tension. I sure hope no one is watching me, maybe I just need to play “The flight of the bumble bee,” over and over.

No wonder I am tired.