My turn: Not all Dublins built the same

What do shamrocks and Dr Pepper have in common?

You would think I had a better recollection of driving through the rolling fields of Dublin a few years ago, passing magnificent architecture and swearing I spotted a leprechaun or two hiding behind tall oaks.

Wait a minute, these creatures were too big to be leprechauns, and they didn’t hop from rainbow to rainbow with pots of gold. They were tall Texans, hopping around in big Ford F-150 trucks.

I was not exactly in Dublin, Ireland. Actually, I was driving through Dublin, Texas, also known as Dr Pepper Texas, located in central Texas, and home to the oldest Dr Pepper plant.

Instead of leprechauns in Dublin, a.k.a. Dr Pepper, Texas, you’re more likely to spot UFOs. I am not making this up.

As recently as 2008 and 2009, dozens of UFO sightings were reported in Dublin as well as in other locations in Erath County and in several surrounding counties. This came, perhaps, as a result of these tall giants not drinking too many Irish coffees, but of drinking too many Dr Peppers.

You won’t find a St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Texas, as in Dublin, Ireland, but you will find a shrine to the town’s favorite bottled beverage. Happy St. Pat’s Day.

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