Reader-submitted content: Dora High School raises tobacco awareness

Those who came to support youth athletics at the Little Dribblers basketball tournament were also able to wear their support on their sleeve, literally. Dora High School members offered free customizable T-shirts at the games that could be designed however participants wanted using the stencils and paints provided.

The event was hosted by members of a statewide youth movement, called Evolvement, whose mission is to reduce tobacco use throughout New Mexico by educating their peers, family and community members.

For Evolvement, tobacco is not just a health issue, but more importantly, it’s a social justice issue.

The event was organized to raise awareness about new dissolvable and spit-less tobacco products that are flavored and packaged in a way that is appealing to minors. These products are a major concern because they are easily mistaken as candy, gum or mints.

Evolvement members also asked attendants to complete a brief questionnaire as part of the awareness program.

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