My turn: Teasing can go too far

Alisa Boswell

I’ve been thinking a lot about human nature in relation to entertainment. Sometimes we have to be careful, because what is entertaining for us is not always for others.

Two of my favorite forms of entertainment are sarcasm and teasing people. I come from a family of loving but teasing individuals. Teasing each other is our way of showing love. If someone in my family doesn’t tease you, you should worry.

The downside to this entertainment is not everyone has the same sense of humor as my family. As I have aged, I have learned to better decipher when my sarcasm is OK and when I need to tone it down, but there are times when I still slip up and feelings get hurt.

As a journalist, I have to be just as careful. A lot of damage can be done from just one incorrect word in a story, then suddenly that story goes from being enjoyable entertainment to something regrettable.

Something we should all think about is that our entertainment can be another person’s poison. Mistakes happen and feelings get hurt, but the important thing is to learn from this.

Part of what makes life entertaining is constantly working towards knowing who we are and bettering it.