My turn: Sheet search stained by racists

While searching online for white sheets with a thread-count greater than “threadbare,” I happened upon a newscast at

With the National Anthem blaring, the title scrolled: “This is the Klan — This is the Truth.”

Here are a few sound-bites from hosts Thomas Robb and Rachel Pendergraft:

• “Homosexuals are a loud and noisy bunch.”

• “Gay students are a product of an abusive society that puts them at risk for becoming homosexual through social engineering.”

• Elton John and his partner will not sexually abuse their child, but he will be “mentally warped.”

• Once they threw Christianity out of government then political dissent became approval for “pornography and children cyberporn.”

• (graphic) “Martin Luther King at Communist Training School”

• At one time most states denied citizenship to negros, including the North.

• China has a program to bring women to the U.S. to give birth so that their children will be U.S. citizens.

• Many European immigrants came here and gave birth, but “that did not really create a problem because they were all white.”

• Then Mexicans started coming and giving birth. “And now you wonder why it’s not safe to walk through Wal-Marts at night because of the Mexicans hanging out.”

I guess I’ll have to go to Wal-Mart for those white sheets — just hope no one is wearing them.