My turn: Spiderman superhero of choice

There’s a reason superhero stories are such a huge entertainment venue. Along with being exciting adventure stories, they are also stories with moral lessons.

I have been an avid Spiderman fan since I was 12 and have often been teased because as an adult, I still have Spiderman pajamas, coffee mugs and even a straw sippy cup.

But I am not embarrassed by my love and admiration for this character because Spiderman is someone to be admired.

Not because he swings from a web or beats up bad guys while he spouts off clever, cheesy one-liners. I admire Peter Parker because more than anything, he loves people and it is his devout love for others that often causes him so much heartache.

I think we can all relate to Peter in this sense.

A friend told me once I loved Spiderman because I was so much like him. That I continually experienced heartache and disappointment for the sake of saving others.

Much as Peter Parker, I learned the hard way there are some things you can’t save people from, but you can always love them.

Is caring about people worth the pain that sometimes comes with it? Spiderman thinks so.