My turn: Telenovelas addicting

They were making a big fuss on Spanish TV over hot telenovela star William Levy.

I tell my niece, Marili, “Is that his real name?” Marili replies, “Yes, he’s Cuban.” Like if that explains everything.

If Martin Sheen — born Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez — can change his name (in honor of the late Emmy-winning Bishop Fulton J. Sheen), then anything’s possible. However, Marili is “positive” Levy’s name is real.

I know better than to interrupt Marili, or Mom, during their novela, “Triunfo del Amor.”

What makes novelas addicting? English soap operas tried to copy them, airing at night, without success. I think it’s the yelling in Spanish, and oh yeah, the hot Latin men (and women for the men). But as I told Marili, I think they’re popular because of their fairytale endings and the closure people get.

In high school, I watched “As the World Turns.” Ten years later, I tuned in again and picked up where I left off. Novelas, however, move fast, lasting only a few months.

I don’t get into novelas that much. One novela, “Fuego en la Sangre” showed a sizzling scene of a muscular “panaderio” baking, topless, flour on his chest. I said, “This baker is breaking every health and food safety law,” but my sister, Nana, and Mom ignored me, and kept watching.