My turn: Men face identity crisis

Sometimes it’s the stupidest things that make me think about the serious things in life.

I recently watched “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family,” a silly comedy with unexpected messages: Faith without works isn’t faith, men need to be men, and parents need to parent.

It made me think, “Why are many women overly headstrong and many men wimpy?”

In too many scenarios today, women try to wear the pants of both mother and father, something we cannot do, whether married or single. I was guilty of that.

Many men feel threatened by educated or “headstrong” females, so they sit back and allow women to do the parenting. Is it because their moms didn’t “man them up?” And where were the fathers? Absent?

Many women are hungry for the love and affection they didn’t get from a father and so they settle for someone who forces or leaves them to be both father and mother, thus allowing the cycle to continue of not allowing fathers to be fathers. Or worse, both parents become their children’s friends and there’s no parenting.

There’s a male identify crisis in our society. Many sitcoms portray the male as the dumb one. It seems like innocent fun, but it’s not so innocent or fun because we have so many dysfunctional families today.