These games will keep your kid’s minds active while school is out


Help your kids avoid brain drain this summer with these two games from Marbles: The Brain Store.

In Quarto, outwit other players by lining up four pieces with common characteristics (i.e., four tall pieces or four pieces of any height that have the divot in the top.) But your opponent chooses the piece you play with. You always have to be thinking ahead with Quarto. It tests your strategic, visual perception and deductive reasoning skills as you keep track of the multiple attributes of the playing pieces. Quatro is $34.99.

Ogo Sport is a disc with a springy, trampoline-like center. You can use them to bounce a Koosh ball back and forth, or get creative and make up games with them. It is soft enough to break out when the kids are bouncing off the walls on a rainy day. Ogo Sport forces you to exercise your concentration and coordination without even seeming like work. The Ogo Sport comes with two discs and one ball, and is $29.99. There is also a more difficult version with Ogobild Boing, a ball with springs coming out on all sides. Ogobild Boing is $6.99.

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