My turn: Butt diving takes toll on shorts

When summer hits, I always start to think of outdoor activities. That is not just hiking, jogging or biking; it includes baseball games, and playing in the park. And I don’t think about the outdoors without thinking about swimming.

When I was a kid, every summer we started off with swimming lessons. That was usually followed up with spending at least some time every afternoon at the pool. I learned the jellyfish float, and how to do a really good belly flop off of the diving board. A friend of mine showed my how to do a “butt” dive. You measured yourself out, put your back to the water, dropped down on your butt onto the diving board, and flipped over into the water. It looked pretty easy, and kind of neat to do, so I gave it a try.

I did it several times. When I got home, my mom showed me a hole worn in my trunks from hitting the board. It was a pretty big hole, and I had been walking around with it there all afternoon.

I guess every fun activity has its casualties. This time, it might have been my dignity.