My turn: Runners best competitors

OK, so here is my Top 10 list for why I like running.

Let’s start with Number 10 … oh, I don’t have 10. Or five. Or two.

Let’s just make this a top one list. This is the top (re: only) reason I like running: Runners.

I know we think about running as competition, but everyone I know that runs is really only competing with themselves. That way, they can be helpful and supportive to everyone else that runs.

I really experienced this in the Heritage Days 5K two weekends ago. Other runners were giving me advice, helpful suggestions and lots of encouragement.

When people would pass me, they didn’t rib me by saying, “Are you still moving?” They would tell me, “Good job,” and give me encouragement to finish strong. When I crossed the finish line, they were there, cheering for me like I had just won the Olympics.

Of all of the things I will remember about that run, the one thing that means the most was the cheers of other runners.

Come to think of it, there is a top two list. I can’t forget those shorts Wendel Sloan had on, either.