My turn: To be organized is to be lazy

Are you pathetically lazy and sloppy or are you an insanely clean perfectionist? Until recently, I thought being neat was nice.

I don’t let dishes sit. I can’t stand unfolded laundry and I despise clutter. But when I taught college level English, I always assigned my students to read an essay, “Neat People vs. Sloppy People” by Suzanne Britt.

In this essay, Britt accuses neat people of really being “lazy.” Did you get that? She says “we” don’t care about process, just results.

I’ve been known to miss a spot on a dish on very rare occasion. I’ve also been known, at mom’s house, to stick a glass to wash before someone was done with their drink.

Britt also says neat people just want to get everything over with so we can sit down and watch TV. I don’t know about you, but I seem to enjoy TV or walking more once the dishes are done.

But what about sloppy people? Honestly, I don’t know how some people can live in heaps of ridiculous clutter, but everyone’s wired different. My mom cannot find things when I try to put up her “clutter.”

As appalling as it may seem to us self-proclaimed neat people, some sloppy people must have filing systems far more advanced than our neat and tidy ones.