My turn: Don’t take promises too seriously

I am not sure I would know anything, if it were not for infomercials.

I am not talking about some really loud guy trying to sell you a paper towel. I am talking about the good stuff. The stuff that is such high quality that if you order now, not only will you pay half of what the product costs, but they will send you six times as much as you ordered and pay off your house.

I always thought you could buy anything you want and it could be pocket inflatable, or fold up to the size of a pocket knife. Things like a folding fishing pole and bait bucket, or the inflatable guitar.

For a long time I looked for the fast, easy method for everything, including exercise. I really liked the electrical device that you put around your waist, while it sent electrical jolts, causing you to firm up your belly.

I always wondered what would happen if you were out in the rain with that thing on. It really might help you lose weight, with all of that dancing around from the electricity and the rain.

Maybe I better just unfold my pole and go fishing.