My turn: Simple mousse popular with children

Argen Duncan

Sweet, creamy … and low-calorie.

One of my friends has a great recipe for mousse. She often makes it with the help of visiting children, since the recipe is simple, doesn’t involve hot equipment and contains no eggs and therefore no worries about salmonella when kids want to lick the bowl.

She says it’s impossible to mess up.

Also, you have to say “Moooooooose!” while you’re stirring for the recipe to work.

At least, that’s what my friend tells the kids.

Simple Mousse

• 1 regular-sized box sugar-free instant pudding mix, flavor of choice

• 1 1/2 cup milk

• 1 regular-sized container light whipped topping

Whisk milk into pudding mix. Stir in whipped topping. Allow to set 30 minutes, or less if you need it sooner. Serve.

This will work regardless of what size containers of whipped topping and pudding mix you use. Just reduce the milk by 1/2 cup from what’s called for on the pudding mix box.


• Serve in decorative dishes as mousse.

• Pour into graham cracker pie crust for cream pie.

• Use chocolate pudding and add Oreo cookies.

• Use banana pudding and add vanilla wafers and sliced banana.

• Use lemon pudding and add berries.