My turn: Money to be made in running

I decided to go for a run, not for any particular reason, but just to keep in running shape. Just after taking off, I was just getting into a pace, when I saw something on the ground.

I did a quick turn around and went back. There it was, just what I thought it was. It was a quarter. That is a pretty good deal.

So, I take off running but now I am looking at the ground for anything else of value. It was not long before I found more.

I found a broken screwdriver, an old cassette tape, a dime, a penny, and an old car air freshener.

So, now I am running along with my pockets filled with these treasures. When I get home, I realize the cassette tape will never play again. The screwdriver and the air freshener have also seen better days.

I do have $.36. Not a bad take for a little jog. I had no idea I could make money doing that.

After thinking about it, maybe it is not as good as I thought. Maybe I better look for better neighborhoods to run in.

Who knows how much I can make.