My turn: Picnic goers didn’t miss out on good time

On Thursday night, the Lions club gathered in the park for a picnic and games.

We had a lot of fun eating and visiting. Then, Tommy got out the atlatl.

Tommy has shown them to us before, but this was our first chance to give it a throw.

The atlatl is a weapon used by primitive man to hunt. It is a lot like a spear, except you throw it using a hand-held shaft.

The first few tries, most of us could only get it to go a few feet. Then, John let one go that had a lot of distance and elevation.

We were just throwing for distance; there was not much accuracy. Well, maybe the one that hit the tree was planned, but I am not thinking so.

There were even a couple of attempts for distance tried by a celebrity reporter that had joined us.

It was not long before we realized that maybe hunting with this thing would be a lot of work. It also would be pretty hard to hit what you aimed at, especially if it was moving.

I was really glad we didn’t have to depend on it for our food. The picnic might have left us all pretty hungry.

Maybe by next year we will have it down.