Moms Gear: Make gardening easier with ergonomic gardening tools

Maggie O’Neill

It’s one thing to work with a commonplace handheld garden trowel, but quite another to use an ergonomically-designed tool. The founder of Radius Garden Tools has created four handheld products that enhance a gardener’s digging experience and provide more ease when planting, weeding and cultivating.

These tools are curved at the handle — somewhat like an elongated backward ‘C’ — so as to provide more leverage to the user and to place less stress on the wrist. The green-handled curved tools are unusual in their look, but allow the gardener’s hand to be perpendicular to the blade rather than horizontal with it. In this way, the tools are an extension of the arm rather than slightly out of line. This design is what provides the ease of comfort and easy leverage during use.

The easy leverage becomes obvious when using the 7.25-oz. weeder to remove stubborn weeds from the backyard. The tool offers a level of effort that might be less than what is anticipated, and has serrated edges that help weeds to neatly come out.

The set of four tools includes the weeder, cultivator, transplanter and trowel. The tools are all lightweight – 7.2 to 8.5 ounces – and have aluminum blades.

The set is available for $35.99 from or can be purchased as individual pieces at $9.99 each. Radius also produces a variety of longer-length gardening tools such as forks, rakes, shovels, spades that are also designed with ergonomic –but entirely circular- handles.