Newspaper should reflect interests of community

I remember when President George W. Bush was in office the mockery that was made of him. The GOP was offended and so was I. I am not a Republican. Bush was however, our president and deserving of our respect for that office.

It is now equally offensive that the Portales News-Tribune continuously does the same to President Obama. Particularly when the brand of humor appears to border on racism as in the Mallard Fillmore political cartoon series.

Then there is the issue of the one-sided commentaries that frequently appear in your newspaper without any opposing viewpoint.

The Portales News-Tribune is a local newspaper that should reflect the interests of the broad and general audience of the town who rely on it for information and thereby supports its continued viability. Where then, is the fair and balanced mantra so often cited by conservatives when defending against charges of the same behavior?

Perhaps I, and others, who find your actions to be as offensive as many of us found the satire leveled on President Bush, should stop buying your newspaper since your opinion clearly does not reflect our own. Please cease with the childish tit-for-tat, one-sided brand of journalism so prevalent today and offer your audience a mature, truly fair and balanced viewpoint. It would really be refreshing and more importantly, a lesson in politics.