Pets on parade at county fair

Alisa Boswell

The final day for the Roosevelt County Fair was dedicated to the children of Roosevelt county, a day full of children’s events that kicked off with the Kiwanis Pet Show.

Taylor Bashaw, 8, showed off her border collie, Mackie, who received a ribbon for being so long.

“She’s really good and she listens well,” Bashaw said of her dog. “She’s just a good dog.”

Bashaw said she enjoyed being able to show off her dog in the show.

According to children’s events director and fair board member Jeanell Paiz, the purpose of the children’s day at the fair is to allow children under eight to have a day to shine, because they are too young to participate in the agricultural events.

“They feel like they are a part of the fair and that’s important,” Paiz said. “A lot of them have older brothers, sisters and cousins in 4-H, so this gives them a chance to be involved.”

Children ranging from two to eight years old lines around the Idsinga Pavilion Saturday morning to show off their pets, which ranged from guppies to ponies.

A horse stick race followed the pet show Saturday morning with children ages 2 to 8 racing.

Hayzee Hutcheson, 5, who won first place in the 5-year-old girls division, said she was racing in memory of her barrel racing horse, Annie, who recently died after breaking her leg.

“She meant a lot to me,” Hutcheson said after the race. “She was such a good horse.”

Hutcheson said she believed Annie would be proud of her.

Cody Rinne, 8, received first place for the Chicken Chase, which replaced the annual Pig Chase because fair officials could not find small pigs for the event this year, according to Patrick Kircher, the county agricultural agent.

Rinne said he participates in the pig chase event every year but has never won.

“It was my last year to do it,” Rinne said. “It’s fun and it’s an adrenaline rush.”

Taylor Henderson, 3, participated in all of the morning events, from the pet show to the chicken chase.

Taylor’s mother, Tracy Henderson, said she thinks the fair events are good for her daughter, because she is shy and the events encourage her to be with other children.

“When I was young, I was involved in 4-H and showed animals,” Henderson said. “She’s too young to show, so I try to get her involved in as many activities as possible.”