My Turn: An eye for trouble

By Lonnie Berry: PNT columnisy

“You are going to put your eye out!”

That is almost a line from a classic movie, “A Christmas Story.” But it actually is a line from my childhood.

I can’t remember how many times my mom told me that when I had wanted to try some new project. It was usually something as simple as me wanting to make a bow and arrow out of a tree branch and string.

Now how on earth will that cause me to put out an eye?

I remember one time, dressed in my best Roy Rogers outfit, just about to jump of a small storage building.

There I was, my favorite pistol in my hand, imagining my worst enemy right down below and I — I mean, Roy Rogers — was going to pounce.

How my mom saw me out there, I will never know, but here she was ready to take Roy Rogers out with the eye speech. Needless to say, Roy Rogers did not make the jump that day.

I am not going to say I ever got to perfect my stuntman abilities, but I did get pretty good at hiding them from my mom. Well, with the exception of the Tarzan swing I attempted from an elm tree. The rope broke, and I went limping into the house.

At least I did not put out an eye.