My turn: New feature highlights local talent

Readers may have noticed a new feature started today on the front page of the newspaper. The new Local Talent feature will include a photograph of a talented Roosevelt County resident with a profile of what their talent is and why they enjoy it.

I would like to ask all Roosevelt County residents to participate. Please share your talent with me, whether it is art, music, juggling, soccer or anything else. It’s a good way for community members to connect with one another and for local talents to get their names out there. You know where to find me, so come share.

Speaking of musical talents, the Clovis Music Festival is happening at the Curry County Events Center this weekend with The Fireballs Friday night and Lonestar Saturday night. Tickets are $25. For information, call 763-3435.

And Saturday night, marks the Blackwater Draw Site overview, which is $5. For information, call 356-5331.

Also, the Portales Sept. 11 memorial ceremony is happening at 7:30 a.m. today at J.P. Stone Community Bank in Portales. It’s a good way to remember those lost in the tragedy 10 years ago. So, go join speakers David Stone and Sheriff Darren Hooker in commemorating the day.