Grandmother’s angel visited one more time

Grandparents Day is Sunday and it reminds me of my dear grandmother. Of all the memories one stands out I will never forget.

Granny lived along the highway during the depression. I cannot count the many lonely travelers she fed. A lonely, hungry soul walking down the highway moved Granny’s heart of compassion. Maybe the aroma of fried chicken wafting through the air tantalized those hungry “down on their luck” people. A mark of humility motivated them to knock on the back door, never the front one. Many offered to do work for a meal but Granny never required that. Helping someone less fortunate characterized her philosophy of life.

All the people who knocked on Granny’s back door were men. All except one.

One late afternoon I heard a knock on the front door. I opened it to see the most beautiful lady I had ever seen in my young years of life. Dressed in a lovely pink suit, her silk blouse caught my attention. It had pretty colored flowers and the ruffled collar framed her radiant face. She stood tall in high heels and hose. A pretty little hat sat on the back of her head. The aroma smelled so good and I stood motionless … as if frozen in time … gazing in wonder!

“Go call your grandmother,” she said to me. She had an aura of beauty and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. “Grannyeeeee,” I called, not moving an inch, but keeping my eyes glued on the lady. Granny came from the kitchen, shaking flour from her apron. Like me, Granny seemed spellbound at the lady’s appearance.

“I have no lodging for the night. Could you take me in?”

“Of course,” Granny answered as she ushered the lady in. During supper the lady seemed at ease, but she didn’t talk much. When Granny asked her about her destination, the lady simply replied, “I have been given a charge to minister.”

Granny gave the lady her room and put her best linens on the bed. It all seemed so mysterious, but we said good night and went to bed.

Granny usually woke up before daylight every day and I usually awakened mid morning but not this time. Something about the lady made me know I didn’t want to miss a thing.

The smell of bacon frying beckoned me to the kitchen. Granny hugged me and said, “Go tell our visitor breakfast is ready but knock on the door first.” I hurried to Granny’s bedroom and knocked gently on the door. It jarred open and I peeked inside. The bed had not been slept in. The lady had somehow disappeared, but the smell of a sweet presence still lingered in the room.

Granny’s front and back doors had Venetian blinds attached only at the top. Whenever anyone came in or out the blinds shook making a lot of noise. They could not be closed quietly, yet Granny nor I had heard a single sound during the night.

“Granny, when I went to the door yesterday, the lady said, ‘Go call your grandmother. How did she know that?’”

“An angel came to visit us last night. You never know when you entertain angels unaware” Granny said with misty tears.

“Why are you crying,” I asked.

“God gives us angels to keep us in all our ways.”

It has been many years since that angel’s visit. Granny is in that heavenly home she used to sing about. After 92 years, she just slipped away. I remained by Granny’s bed for a while. The presence of Granny’s angel and the same aroma filled the room.

Granny’s angel had come one more time!