My turn: Today’s TV programming recycled

A friend and I were talking about how many things have changes since we were kids. We talked about cars, prices and then about television.

We spent a lot of time talking about our favorite TV shows from years ago. We had both really liked “Gunsmoke,” as well as “Bonanza,” and even “Mission Impossible.” We could sing the theme song to “Beverly Hillbillies” and every night we said ‘Goodnight John Boy.’

We both agreed that television today is a lot different. It seems that most of what is on today are reality shows. I am not really sure that Matt Dillon would ever have been on “Dancing with the Stars.” I also don’t know how Ed Sullivan would have felt about “American Idol.”

I do know that “Survivor” is nothing new. It uses the format of people dropped off at a deserted location and living off items native to that place. They spend a lot of time looking for food and building living quarters. It can be a real challenge and the contestants have to work together to survive. When I was a kid, we watched the same show. It was called “Gilligan’s Island.”

Maybe television has not changed so much after all.