My turn: Some stories need to be shared

Who knew the death of Superman could be a humorous and entertaining dinner story? I went with my parents to a dinner banquet last weekend and while there, I shared a work story about accidentally killing my co-worker’s bobble-head Superman in his office.

I had a table full of ladies laughing as I told them about my co-worker, Tony, nicknaming me Doomsday from that moment on. Another co-worker further egged on the joke by making a small wooden coffin for Superman’s pieces to rest in, which Tony proceeded to carry around the office while humming the funeral march.

As much as I laughed at the time, I had never thought to share this story with anyone outside of work, and it turns out, other people think it’s funny too. The only downside is whether or not Doomsday will turn out to be a beneficial nickname or not.

If you want more entertainment and laughs, there’s a lot going on locally this weekend with the Cannon Air Force Base Open House, the Bronx Wanderers concert at Marshall Junior High in Clovis and the Saturday Night Lab at Eastern New Mexico University. Find information for all of them in our event calendars.