My turn: Still haven’s soaked up foresight

Last weekend I went to the Buffalo Battle at Buffalo Springs Lake, Texas.

It is a 5k race with different obstacles placed throughout. The last part of the race had a couple of water obstacles.

After I finished running, I was sitting in the finish area with other team members from Portales. I saw some of the kids walking towards us and noticed that Emma Hunton was wet.

“I fell in the lake.” she announced.

That brought back memories for me. It seemed that every time my family had an outing near any water, I fell in.

There was a Sunday outing to Fort Sumner Lake and off of the dock I went, right in the water. My dad had his Sunday shoes on and got them soaked while pulling me out.

There was a winter trip to a little park In Ruidoson and I fell in the creek. I didn’t have dry clothes, so I had to stay in the car in my underwear until my clothes dried out.

Even as a teen teenager, on a Sunday trip to Ute Lake, I fell in the spillway.

And on Sunday at Buffalo Springs, Emma and I both fell in the lake.