My turn: Home repair never easy

By Lonnie Berry: PNT columnist

I am not really afraid of home repair projects, but I do respect them. Everything from a small plumbing job, to trying to fix the car.

It seems that every time I realize there is something to be repaired, it is a weekend or in the evening. The first part of the job is to find out what it will take to do the repair. The next thing is to find out what tools it will take. That sounds pretty simple, but it never is. By the time I figure out that I need some plumbing parts, the hardware store is closed. When I finally get the parts, I spend two hours taking off a part, that there is a special tool for that takes about five minutes.

Needless to say I never have that tool. I usually spend a few hours looking for it, and then end up buying it. I bang my knuckles, yell at the dog, and eventually get the old part off. I then find out I bought the wrong one and run off to the hardware store. If they are still open, I will go look for the right part. After taking four hours on a 20-minute job, I can finally say I am done. What is next?