ENMU students return from fall break

Alisa Boswell

The Eastern New Mexico University campus was alive with activity Wednesday as students returned from Fall Break.

Whether they used their four-day weekend for trips or stayed home to do some catching up, busy seemed to be the theme for ENMU students.

“We wanted to do something and get out of town and make it memorable, so we went to Prescott College in Prescott, Ariz., to check it out,” said Tanner Pettit, a graduate student, who include his first visit to the Grand Canyon during his trip.

“I’ve always wanted to do that my whole life, being from the Southwest. It was a major achievement for me and I don’t think I would have been able to do it if I wasn’t a student, because of the connections I’ve made through school.”

Pettit said he could use the word “amazing” and “wonderful to describe seeing the canyon for the first time, but those words would not do it justice.

He said he could appreciate the adventure even more as a college student, because it was educational learning about the canyon’s history.

Jhordan Granger, an ENMU junior and Lubbock native, said she stayed on campus during the break to work and help with the Peanut Valley Festival, which was held Saturday and Sunday.

Granger, a Associated Student Activities Board event coordinator, said she volunteered to work over the break.

“I figured why not. Help pay the bills,” Granger said. “I wasn’t rushed to go everywhere and do everything.”

Granger said the weekend still had a lot of fun and relaxation with the highlight being she and a friend attending the Dinner Under the Stars event at the St. Bernard Farm in Pleasant Hill.

“It was free, for one, and I’d never been in a corn maze before,” Granger said. “It was really fun.”

Senior Mackenzie Kennedy also stayed behind for the break to work and continue with play rehearsals for her upcoming school production, “Three Kids Coming Home.”

“The theater is my home away from home anyway, so it’s OK,” Kennedy said with a laugh. “Just being able to hang with my friends from Portales was the best part of break. Being able to just hang out and go to dinner without the pressure of homework and class. It was getting that little extra time to rest that was nice.”