My turn: Getting paid to have fun

One of the highlights of being a journalist is when you get paid to be entertained. Sure, you have to take pictures and write notes while you’re at the event, but in my opinion, that just makes it more fun.

Last weekend, I covered the 4Troops concert in Clovis and I enjoyed being able to experience not only their musical talents but also their stage presence, which was personable and outgoing. It was a show worth seeing and afterwards, I got to have a girls’ movie night with two good friends, so my Saturday was fun-filled.

This Saturday, I get the privilege of attending the War Memorial Dance at the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds, which is raising money for the war memorial to be placed in front of the county courthouse.

Also, this Saturday is the 2011 Fall Festival at the Stargazer on Main Street, which will feature live entertainment, barbecue and beer, so check it out.

Also, don’t forget to check the Portales News-Tribune and Clovis News Journal for the Halloween event calendar for all of this weekend’s holiday happenings. The calendar can also be viewed on our website at