My turn: Big shoes to fill

Awhile back, my grandson came by to visit. While he was here, he saw my shoes that I had just taken off. He thought it would be neat to put on my shoes and walk around in them. He could have put both of his feet into one of them, but that would not have been as much fun.

I watched him as he tried to walk, and would stumble and fall. I remembered doing the same thing with my dad’s shoes when I was his age. I remembered trying to run and falling down. It was a few years later and my son was doing the same thing with my shoes.

What is it about those big old shoes that makes the little ones want to put them on and walk around? They have never tried it with the pants that I had. I don’t remember it happening to my shirts either. It’s just the shoes. Maybe it is just those shoes. Maybe it is a family trait to try to get around in grandpa’s shoes. At least he did tried with my shoes and not his grandmother’s. If he had trouble with mine, he would never have made it with her high heels.