Their view: Friend possessed sense of life, fun

As I remember my long-time good friend Kevin Gardels, who passed away recently, the first words are decent, gifted and giving. He was all of this to an extraordinary extent.

But there was an ineffable quality way beyond the usual accolades, a unique sense of life and fun that made me, and many others, remember our meetings/activities with Kevin with a smile every time we were with him. Every time. Very few people have that gift.

For me it began with Kevin and his beloved Maggie as rascally motor route paper carriers at the PNT in the 1970s, cheerfully breaking stupid rules while always doing the job well.

But then I learned that he played guitar. From then on we were fellow guitarists, later finding ourselves in many local bar bands, where I quickly found that he could sing well, too.

He did so with feeling and always, always a sense of fun and gratitude for his considerable gifts, which included some rather amazing keyboard skills.

And he’s a songwriter, too. Sheesh!!

Of course there is so much more beyond my scope, or that of this letter.

But that wonderful sense of life and fun from Kevin will always be with us. As I said, very few people have that gift.

Rest in peace, Kevin.