My turn: Family get-togethers memorable

By Lonnie Berry: PNT columnist

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, my family, like many others is preparing for a get-together.

We are pretty good at having get-togethers. Sometimes they are picnics, sometimes elaborate meals and sometimes just impromptu gatherings.

My favorites were always the picnics that we had when I was a kid. Sometimes we would all go to Oasis State Park, but many times we would just gather in someone’s back yard.

We would make tables out of saw horses and old doors, and sit in the shade or play games. My Uncle Clifford would always make sure there was plenty of watermelon, and my mom would usually provide homemade ice cream. My great aunt Donnie would always end up playing games with us kids.

My Aunt Donnie was a small woman, not weighing more than a hundred pounds. You would be wise to not let her small size fool you. If you called her over in “Red Rover Red Rover,” you had better be prepared or you might end up flat on your back.

I am pretty sure I won’t be playing red rover this Thanksgiving, but I am hoping we make memories just like that.