My turn: In good times and bad, give thanks

Thanksgiving not only came early for me this year, it’s actually come multiple times, especially during times of difficult trials and spells of uncertainty.

If there’s one thing I used to fear, it’s the unknown, and if there’s one thing I use to despise, it’s waiting. Yet these past few months were filled with constant waiting and a cloud of uncertainty. To my surprise though, these seem to have become my greatest source of strength.

There were times when I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I was tempted to give up. But through it all, a voice inside kept bringing me to my knees in thanksgiving. I felt an inner peace and unexplainable calmness. At first I was like, “I should be stressed out right now. What’s wrong with me?’ or “I should be worried and I’m not!”

I had about a dozen interviews for jobs but no offers. Finally, a door opened in a place where I realized I had spent some of the busiest and challenging and yet most satisfying years of my journalism career. And so I’m back in Hobbs. It reminds me of the song “In All Things Give Thanks,” which says in poverty, in riches, in times of miracles or despair, in good times and bad, give thanks!”