My turn: Decorate with anticipation

I thought decking my house with Christmas spirit the day after Thanksgiving was perfect timing; not too early, not too late.

Recently, though, someone said we rush Christmas enough. They wait until the 12 days before Christmas.

Not only is the “Twelve Days of Christmas” significant because of the song, written during a time Christians were persecuted, but this person explained he waits until Dec. 12 — 12 days before Christmas Eve — because that’s also the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

He said the Virgin Mary appeared to a peasant man, Juan Diego, in Mexico in 1531 to prepare people for Jesus. Christmas is also called the Advent season, meaning arrival or coming of Christ.

According to some sources, the 12 days of Christmas is Christmas Day followed by 12 days ending on Epiphany. Regardless of which way you count, the only politically incorrect way to celebrate Christmas is to remove Christ.

I’m OK decorating when I do because advent begins the first Sunday after Thanksgiving. But I keep in mind that it’s a time of anticipation. A friend told me neighborhood kids knocked on her door when they saw baby Jesus missing from her nativity. He wasn’t stolen. He just hadn’t arrived.

She places baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve.