My turn: Leaving you with few parting thoughts

I’ve occasionally written about controversial subjects as a columnist here since 2004. Sometimes I’d hear, “I like your column, but I don’t agree with everything you say.“ I‘d respond, “That’s OK; we agree to disagree!”

As any sound-minded editor, including David Stevens, who I thank for letting me write here, would say, any news is good news. When readers respond, good or bad, they’re reading.

And so now, as I sign off from the Portales News-Tribune with this last column, I can’t end it without a few last topics in which we may agree to disagree on.

For starters, The Grammar Patrol will probably disagree with my using a preposition at the end of the previous sentence.

Next, I’m whole-heartedly convinced my 10-year search for the perfect chile relleno ended at the old Hacienda Restaurant.

The taco dip at Pat’s is as much a Portales thing as the peanut butter milkshake; I’ve only had one peanut butter milkshake.

Taco Town isn’t just a nickname but a mentality in north Portales. I mean that in a good way.

Not all people in Goober Gulch are nuts; except maybe over valencia peanuts.

Finally, I’m really not one of the three or four old grouches.

God bless you all!