Police blotter: Feb. 1

Samplings of recent calls made to Portales law enforcement, according to police reports:


  • At 10:51 a.m., an officer responded to North Chicago Avenue in reference to a commercial burglary. The officer made contact with a man, who told him between the hours of 6 p.m. the previous night and 10 a.m. that morning, someone broke out a plywood panel of the bottom corner of the west facing garage door and gained entry, taking a plastic jar containing approximately $40 in change.

The officer was unable to dust for fingerprints and there were no shoe imprints. The officer did locate a black baseball hat four feet west of the entry point. The man said the cap was not there when he closed the business the night before. The hat was logged into evidence.

The case is inactive.


  • At 12:13 a.m., an officer responded to North Abilene in reference to a domestic disturbance. A woman told the officer a female relative came to her house and asked her to watch her child while the relative went somewhere with a man.

The woman said she heard a loud crash and looked outside to see two vehicles had hit each other. She saw the man hit her relative as they began walking down the street and the woman kept screaming for him to stop hitting her.

The officer drove in the direction the man and woman had gone and found two women and a man arguing outside a residence on North Main Street.

The man, who the officer recognized as being wanted ran into the house and locked the door. The officer could hear scuffling and a woman screaming as if a fight was going on inside. The officer gained entry and saw two men wrestling on a bed as the man who had run inside tried to hide beneath the bed. The man who had run was taken into custody.

The woman who had left her relative's house with the man said nothing had happened between her and the man and she did not want to press charges.

The relative the officer had spoken to previously told the officer she did not actually see the man hitting the woman; she just heard the woman scream for him to stop hitting her.

— Compiled by PNT staff writer Alisa Boswell

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