Police blotter —

Alisa Boswell

Samplings of recent calls made to Portales law enforcement, according to police reports:


• At 1:46 a.m., an officer responded to East First Street in reference to larceny. A man and woman told the officer they had taken in another man and woman because they were homeless.

They said they agreed to only let them stay for three days. The woman said she told the people to get out but they stayed two more days. The woman said she went to Albuquerque with a friend and when she returned, the house had been ransacked and a chair, a Lazy Susan and her ferret were all missing.

The items were valued at $370.

The man said CDs, DVDs and two computer screens were stolen from him, which were valued at $650. The man told the officer he would find the serial number of the computers for him.

The officer was unable to make contact with the two suspects.

The case is inactive pending further information.


• At 3:09 a.m., an officer responded to Roosevelt General Hospital in reference to an accident. The officer encountered the victim who had an injury to the back of her head and the victim’s sister, who appeared to be drunk.

The injured woman did not want to speak to the officer.

The sister of the woman told the officer that she had brought her to the hospital against her will after the woman’s daughter called her for help.

The woman told her sister with the officer in the room that she had been at the bar earlier that night with her ex-husband and her boyfriend. She said her ex-husband hit her but then changed the story to her boyfriend hitting her. She said she didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. She also changed the incident to having happened at her house.

The officer observed that the woman seemed confused and seemed to not know who had hit her or where she had been.

The officer made contact with the woman’s boyfriend in the waiting room. The boyfriend told the officer that he had an argument at a bar earlier with the woman’s ex-husband about him needing to pay her child support. He said he had left and walked to a friend’s house just after midnight, leaving the woman at the bar.

The friend confirmed when he had arrived.

He said he did not know what had happened to his girlfriend until her sister called him.

The woman told the officer that she drove herself home then was pushed and fell, causing the head injury. The officer found blood on the back passenger seat of her vehicle, showing that she did not drive herself home.

The bar owner told officers that the people involved in the altercation at the bar were asked to leave but no one was hurt while at the bar.