My turn: Portales is fabric of my life

Does the Portales News-Tribune flow through your life like it does through mine?

I grew up in Portales, so my scrapbooks are filled with clippings of spelling bees, talent shows, wedding announcements and obituaries.

I’ve also lived far away from Portales, and I have fond memories of opening letters to find articles from this paper tucked inside.

In high school, I was the editor of The Rampage. One of my duties was to get our articles delivered to the Tribune for printing. I always felt quite official stepping through those doors, smelling the ink, dropping off those important Did-Ya-Know documents.

My family has countless photos taken in front of the building with News-Tribune lettering in the background. For years it’s been the official gathering place for parade watching.

As I write this, I’ve just spent the last hour looking through a huge album put together by my great-grandmother, filled with clippings. They date back to the ’50s, and some include little write-ups in a column titled “60 Years Ago” when it was the Portales Herald.

Yes, I’m reading a clipping about my great-grandparents’ marriage in 1913!

It’s the fabric of my life, and I count it a great privilege to contribute.

I suppose I’ll have to clip this out to save with my collection.