My turn: Spent after holiday

Do people actually celebrate Presidents Day? Or do they just take advantage of the weekend sales and that extra day off to take a family trip or just sleep in?

I saw all these holiday-related articles about the history of Presidents Day online and I didn’t even bother to read them beyond the headline.

So what did I do to “celebrate”? I indulged in a day of spending. I told myself and reiterate often that 2012 is the year of the frugal because let’s face it, I doubt the world is ending in December, and if 2015 pans out anything like Back to the Future II portrayed it, I need to start saving my money for a hoverboard now.

But I spent money Monday that I had no intention on spending. Since Rachel Zoe is my fashion guru, I’ve been looking for the perfect tuxedo jacket for about two years now. I finally found one in Dillards. Throw in some accessories and the total is about $90! Lord knows I don’t need anything else.

Overall, the only thing presidential this weekend were my receipts.