Meetings watch —

The Board of Trustees of Roosevelt County Special Hospital District met in regular session Tuesday in the conference room at Roosevelt General Hospital:

• Amber Hamilton presented her annual report on the Arise, sexual assault services program. A total of 96 exams were conducted in 201.

The board commended Hamilton and her staff for their dedication and exceptional service.

• Eva Stevens, chief financial officer, reported on the financial statements and balance sheet for the month of January. Gross revenue for January was reported as being 16 percent higher than the average at $3.73 million. Hospital inpatient, outpatient and clinic services were all reported up for the month. Net operating revenue was $2.2 million and operating expenses were $2.06 million, resulting in net income from operations of $147,535 for the month. Year-to-date, the operating margin is 2 percent and net income is 6 percent of gross revenue.

Stevens reported that with the help of Roosevelt County, the hospital will be receiving $3.76 million in Sole Community funding this year. These are dollars used to help pay for healthcare for those without insurance. She said the funds will help pay for more than $18 million of uncompensated care RGH had to write off last year.

• Anne Grayson, chief of staff, reported on the activities of the RGH medical staff. Based upon the recommendation of the RGH medical staff the board approved Dr. Erika Garcia for privileges in Family Practice Medicine and Royce Jones, CRNA, for hospital Allied Health Staff privileges in anesthesia.

• Maxine Montano, chief nursing officer, reported that the hospital census has increased significantly during the month of January and that she has been actively recruiting additional nursing staff. Four new nurses and three certified nursing assistants have been hired and are currently in orientation. Nursing has also experienced an increase in intensive care patients and has increased nursing staff to meet this demand for more intensive care. Two ICU experienced nurses have been retained to help expand nursing skills in this area.

• Larry Leaming, chief executive officer, welcomed Dr. Ruben Torrez to the meeting and reported that he is providing services this week. Updates were also presented on physician recruitment activity and the clinic expansion project.

• In further action, the board unanimously approved their new bylaws.

• The board entered into executive session.

No further action was taken.