Inmate escape attempt thwarted

CMI Staff

An out-of-state fugitive in Roosevelt County Detention Center custody was caught trying to escape from Roosevelt County General Hospital Saturday afternoon, according to Roosevelt County Detention Center officials.

Officials said Cody Chandler, 22, of Washington state was in the hospital due to a complaint of pains, when he attempted to flee the building through the ceiling while using the bathroom.

Officials said while using the restroom, Chandler locked the door. The detention center staff instructed him to open the door and he failed to comply.

According to Roosevelt County Detention Center Administrator David Casanova, by the time the hospital staff was able to get the key and open the door, Chandler was already in the ceiling heading north to the exit door.

Refusing to comply with the detention center staff’s instructions to stop, Chandler made it 52 ft. at which point he was shot with a Taser by a detention center corporal.

Chandler fell through the ceiling and the corporal was able to restrain him.

“The corporal did respond accordingly, he did his job like he was supposed to,” Casanova said. “He prevented the individual from access to the outside world. We appreciate all the response from local agencies.”

The hospital experienced some damage to several rooms. The cost of the damage is not determined, according to Casanova.

Chandler was arrested Friday and brought to the detention center by Elida officials. He is wanted in Washington for violating his terms of probation and failure to register as a felony sex offender, according to Casanova.