Inmate may face additional charges after escape attempt

Cody Chandler

A Roosevelt County Detention Center inmate who tried to escape whille seeking medical treatment will most likely face additional charges, according to Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Malin Parker.

Cody Chandler, 22, of Washington, attempted to escape Saturday from custody while being treated for illness at Roosevelt General Hospital.

Parker said he expects an investigation into the incident will lead to charges of attempted escape from custody and criminal damage.

Chandler, who was wanted in Washington for violating his terms of probation and failure to register as a felony sex offender, damaged several hospital rooms after attempting to escape through the ceiling from a bathroom.

"Any charges we file has to be accepted by the (district attorney's) office," Parker said. "Most likely, depending on what his parole charges are, he's going to stay here and face his charges then be extradited back to Washington, but that's between our DA office and the Washington office."

Detention Center Administrator David Casanova said the detention officer attending Chandler at the time of his attempted escape followed all inmate procedures properly before and during the incident.

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