My turn: Don’t let life bring you down

Last week felt like a real case of the Mondays, so this past weekend I felt like the universe was shifting its balance, and hopefully in my favor.

Now the key to a smooth flow at work or home is organization. But that’s kind of why I love the news business, you can only prepare so much.

I feel my weekend reflected that balance I was referring to and now hopefully that I’ve handled business, things will run smoothly.

Saturday evening was probably the lowest point. I watched five hours of “Desperate Housewives” and went through half a bag of chocolates with my roommate while we just sort of sulked because of fatigue and sadness.

Since the weather was so beautiful Sunday, in the late afternoon, I ran three miles. Now with my mind clear and endorphins released, I got organized at home (still a work in progress but if not now, when?)

Finally on Monday I called my student loan companies and took care of business, got some running in again, and got a facial and massage to top the day off.

So my weekend kind of came around full circle and I woke up Tuesday morning ready to tackle the week. If life was easy, it wouldn’t be worth living. Glad I’m back.