My turn: Make best of wind

It’s March. And that means a great variety of things to all of us, but the one thing we’ll all be sharing here on the high plains will be high winds.

Songs have been written about our legendary wind and our tumbleweeds. I actually decided to move to the other side of the world one brown and windy day years ago. When we were thinking of moving back to Portales we made a list of pros and cons. Topping that list of cons — you guessed it — the wind.

On the day we decided we would become Portalesanos once more, we made a decision right then and there. There would be no complaining about the wind. It’s a fact of life. Period. How have I held up to that deal? Well, ten years later I’d say I’m doing okay. I try not to talk about it. And yet, here I sit on a windy day writing a column for the newspaper about it.

No complaining then. It’s a good chance to stay inside cleaning closets. The sky is tinted a pretty peach. I’m trying to come up with something else, but apparently I must leave it at that. Maybe you’ll find your own way to sugar coat that sand.