My turn: Portales couple deserves recognition

Let me tell you about two of your neighbors.

For more years than they can count, this husband and wife, who attend University Baptist Church in Portales, and who insisted I not use their names, have had a Sunday tradition. They gather a group of children from potentially at-risk families, feed them breakfast, accompany them to church, buy them lunch afterwards, and then return them to church for Sunday evening services.

Since shortly after Christmas this year, with the help and support of a number of other members of their church, they have spearheaded a daily afterschool program in their fellowship hall that serves up to 20 children who range in age from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Why do they do it?

“These are our kids,” the woman says with a smile.

Both of these people have full-time jobs, but have arranged their work schedules to allow them to share this time with children they obviously love.

Watching the children, it is clear the feeling is mutual.

“I get better grades now,” one boy told me. Another added, “I changed a C to a B.”

I love giving credit where credit is due, but I promised. If you know them, or others just like them, give them a pat on the back. They’ve earned it.

Betty Williamson believes some awfully nice people live around here.

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