Floyd sophomore selected as 4-H diplomat

Lane Wallace, a Floyd High School sophomore, was appointed as a 2012-2013 state 4-H diplomat in January at the annual 4-H senior leadership retreat in Albuquerque. Wallace said he plans to become a state Future Farmers of America officer during his senior year or the summer after graduation.


Clovis Media Inc. spoke with him Wednesday about his position:

CMI: What got you interested in becoming a state 4-H diplomat?

Wallace: "It really started to come to mind last year at the same retreat in Albuquerque. My main goal is become a state FFA officer one day. I thought I would test out my skills and gain more leadership skills through this position and see if it was something I enjoy doing."

CMI: Can you describe your duties as a state 4-H diplomat?

Wallace: "I have a list of mandatory events I need to be at. I assist in the livestock show, the parade and events at the state fair. I help plan the state 4-H conference that's coming up in July.

"I assist the officer team when it needs help with an event. Some of my duties require me to assist any 4-H groups in my county, Roosevelt County. I help with the county council. I attend all the county council meetings."

CMI: How do you think being a state 4-H diplomat will help your future career?

Wallace: "I think it will give me very helpful leadership skills. It will help me get more comfortable in a leadership position. It will help me think very hard about my decisions, help me make smarter choices.

"As a leader of 4-H or FFA you are being watched like you're in fish bowl. Everything you do and everything you say can get around and if it's a negative influence, you risk your chance of losing your position. The position makes you live a better lifestyle."

CMI: What's your favorite part of being a 4-H state diplomat?

Wallace: "My favorite part is probably being someone in 4-H who younger people can look up to and watch. I really like the other members on my team as well. There are eight of us; diplomats as well as ambassadors. There are a lot of cool kids on the team, a lot of kids who take the same pride and joy as I do in 4-H. I just love everything about the position."

CMI: What are your career plans for the future?

Wallace: "I know I definitely want to go to college. That's my number one thing. I haven't really decided what my career path is going to be. I've always wanted to be an engineer or a business owner since my childhood. I also want to go into the agriculture field."

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