Friend lifted spirits even in death

I had to say good-bye to one of my closest friends this week when I attended his funeral. The reason I bring this up is because my friend, Charlie, was an entertainer.

Whether it was duct taping a pillow to his chest to sumo wrestle with my brother or just making some goofy, off-the-wall joke, Charlie was always making people around him laugh.

And even in death, that fact didn't change. As one of Charlie's last requests, he asked that the Macarena be played at the end of his funeral. Although some might see this as inappropriate, that was just Charlie. He loved to laugh and loved to make others laugh and he never ceased to be able to just that.

So with dried tears on our faces, my two sisters, future sister-in-law and I all performed the Macarena on Monday morning at the end of his service, falling over laughing as we did so. Thank you, Charlie, for once again being the entertainer and making us all laugh one more time.

This weekend will mark lighter forms of entertainment with the Floyd Jamboree, Fifth Fridays and the Jack Williamson Lectureship. Stay tuned with the your local newspaper to learn times, prices and more.

Alisa Boswell is a graduate of Eastern New Mexico University and writes for the Portales News-Tribune and loves to laugh. Contact her at or on Facebook at PortalesNews-Alisa Boswell.

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