My turn: Grateful for small-town generosity

I learned a big lesson about small towns this weekend. Don't get on the road with your gas tank almost on empty assuming that there will be a gas station.

On Saturday I covered the Floyd Jamboree. Eager to get on the road, I decided I'd fuel up when I got there.

When I arrived, my tank was on empty. With such a naive demeanor, I walked into the gym and asked the men taking tickets where the nearest gas station was.

When he said Portales, my jaw dropped. I usually try to stay calm in most situations but I had to run outside immediately and start making calls so that this mini crisis could be averted and I could turn in my story before the paper went to print.

Just my luck, the few people I know were either too far away, or not answering, so I began asking people if they had gas cans.

Bruce Lee of Floyd came to my rescue (oh the irony) with about two gallons of gas. If you're reading this Bruce, I really appreciate your generosity. Your actions are what small towns are all about.

I was able to enjoy the jamboree without worries and experience the best of what Floyd has to offer.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc. and humor in her spare time. Write her at or on Facebook to make suggestions of what she can do in Portales since she's new.

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