My turn: Playground sounds music to my ears

You know how you sometimes wish you could bottle a fragrance then pull it out for special memories on down the road?

Opening the door to the scent of cookies baking, or stepping out on the porch to smell approaching rain. When I hear this certain sound, I always wish it could be captured in the same way. It's the happy chatter of the playground.

I live a few blocks from Valencia Elementary School, and I absolutely love it when I'm outside during their recess time. The sound of children playing and laughing comes wafting my way on the breeze, and it must surely be one of the most delightful sounds on the planet.

Happily, I just got a whiff of that sound a few minutes ago. As I walked out to my mailbox to gather paperwork, their happy, giggling, loud voices were just floating all around. No doubt, they're chasing one another, calling out to each other to show off their tricks on the monkey bars, laughing over the latest ridiculous news. They're forming memories and friendships that may last a lifetime.

Play on kids. I hope you're over there truly enjoying the carefree days and innocence of youth.

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