Memories surface with moth migration

Miller moths bring back strange memories. Consider the time when Jeff Korman, the football player who lived down the hall from us in my college freshman year, was eating moths to entertain my roommate and me. I do not know why he was eating moths. I did not care why he was eating moths. I […]

Miller moth migration in full swing

I stirred slowly from sleep when I felt her soft velvet touch on my shoulder. With the sheet thrown back to my knees because of the hot night, my mind followed her willowy touch as she traced a delicate line down my back toward my buttocks. As she reached my waist I was suddenly wide-awake. […]

Kite Karnival draws about 500

Maj. Rob Chambers is used to flying. After all, he's been a pilot for 15 years and flies Dornier-328 aircraft with the 551st Special Operations Squadron at Cannon Air Force Base. CNJ photo: Gabriel Monte Rilee Caudel, 6, of Clovis helps get a friend's kite airborne Saturday at the ninth annual Kite Karnival at Doc […]

Class of 2012: Irving Avalos

Editor's Note: This graduation profile is the first of a continuing series on area high school and college graduates. Christina Calloway: Portales News-Tribune Eastern New Mexico University graduating senior Irving Avalos in front of the College of Business, a domain he's ruled academically and socially. Age isn't the only thing that differentiates Irving Avalos from […]

Letter to the editor: Police evaluation reassuring to community

In light of events that took place over the past year, the Portales City Council felt it would be beneficial to the department and reassuring to the community to have an external evaluator take a look at the Portales Police Department's procedures and policies. The review team we selected was recommended by the New Mexico […]

Future predictions may ring true

Sometimes I bet you sit around thinking, gee, I wonder what it will be like when the New Mexico 2112 Bicentennial Committee meets to plan the celebration of our 200 years of statehood? I know I wonder that. I wonder that a lot. Because I am really, really bored. Here's an advance report. Bicentennial Committee […]

Some concerts I’d rather forget

During my biennial spring cleaning, I unearthed concert ticket stubs carbon-dated to the 70s. Although I was there, I don't remember some. Others are indelible. At Eric Clapton's 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas, I saw Clapton, Santana, Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, James Taylor, Pat Metheny, Bo Diddley, ZZ Top, Booker […]

Reading top priority for students

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." — Civil rights champion Frederick Douglass Coaches bring strategy, focus and inspiration to the game. It's hard to imagine a team succeeding without a good coach who can produce a gameplan, identify areas of vulnerability and then fortify them. So a recent effort to add […]

Meetings watch: City council

The following items are on the agenda for the Portales City Council meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at city hall: A resolution approving participation in programs of the Eastern Plains Council of Governments Items from the Planning Department including the final plat of Raven Wood Subdivision, Unit 2, and the contract for repair/replacement of the […]

Report critical of Portales Police Department

The Portales Police Department review report can be viewed here A 14-page report critical of the Portales Police Department and Chief Jeff Gill in particular portrays a culture rife with officer intimidation, lack of communication and sloppy handling of evidence. Alisa Boswell: Portales News-Tribune Sgt. Kirk Wilson reviews outdated evidence in evidence room on Friday […]